Kasim Choudhry

Executive Director

Kasim Choudhry

Meet Kasim Choudhry

I am a self-starter Event Management professional with experience in Business Law and Finance. I work on projects from start to finish and am able to deal with all aspects of event management, be it running an event following a brief or creating a concept from scratch.

I am a strong believer in work hard and play harder, and I thrive off success. I get satisfaction and gratification from my work which acts as a catalyst to boost my productivity and helps me get the best results.

I enjoy meeting people of all walks of life as I believe we all learn from each other. I embrace lifelong learning and have always been inquisitive. Currently I am developing my writing and graphic design skills which has been addictive and enjoyable. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with others to help them as part of their journey.

I am very pleased to have been appointed as Non-Executive Director, Events Director for Pathway Group. I manage our Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards, Festival of Apprenticeships and all things events and community related. I am also the Entrepreneurship ambassador for the group as well.