Ashlee Alexander

Ashlee Alexander

I’m bubbly, chatty and creative individual that loves a good laugh (Chocolate cake being the way to my heart!)

I have had a very varied career in the last 14 years, I work hard to deliver in all the positions I have held. I like to take new challenges to grow and develop as a professional.

Before Pathway, I worked at the Claims Management Regulator for the Ministry of Justice for 5 years. I’ve held several positions during my time with the CMR but my last post was a Senior Claims Management Officer. My job was to regulate Claims Management Companies (PPI, Personal Injury).

As the Quality and Compliance Officer for the Advanced Learner Loan team, I work closely with the Quality team at Pathway whilst solely focusing on the Advanced Learner Loan division. Striving to develop systems and processes to promote a standardised quality across the division.

My aim to ensure learners have a good experience with us whilst maintaining compliant standards for the business.