Ann Biddle

Non-Executive Director

Ann Biddle

Meet Ann Biddle

She is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in management, particularly in the hospitality industry. With a background in operations, HR, and training, Ann brings a unique perspective to any business she works with. Her extensive experience in government funding also makes her an asset to any team looking to secure grants or other forms of financial support.

As a strategic thinker, Ann is always looking for ways to positively impact the business she works for. She understands the importance of making decisions that align with the overall mission and contribute to the company’s success. While she may not be interested in managing day-to-day operations, she is passionate about contributing to the business’s strategic direction and helping to drive change.

One of Ann’s strengths is her ability to challenge the status quo and support change when necessary. She understands that it can be difficult to measure the impact of such changes, but she is always focused on making decisions that benefit the business.

In addition to her professional experience, Ann is also a trained counsellor. This training has helped her focus on team and learner well-being and how to improve these areas within a business. With her unique combination of skills and experience, Ann is an asset to any team looking to drive change and achieve success.