Alan Hill


Alan Hill

Meet Alan Hill

I am honoured to be the Chair of Pathway Group. In the early part of my working life, I was employed by Michelin Tyres in Staffordshire, where I was born and currently resides. My work with Michelin involved quality, problem-solving and innovating and I travelled extensively for the role.

Once I left, I found work in the welfare to work sector, then moved on to the skill sector in the early 2000s. I managed Learning and Skills Council contracts for a Prime including employer training pilots schemes and Train to Gain, eventually moving in March 2009 to fulfil a role in The Pathway Group. I must say that I am happy and happy with where I am and the journey I have had, including all the beautiful people that I’ve had the pleasure to work with and continue to work with.

The way we operate in our industry has changed, and it is now all about partnership work and forming alliances. Our business comes from strategic alliances and partnership work, so let’s talk.

On a personal front, I am a family man and a grandfather and proud of where I come from in Staffordshire; I love reading history books, particularly military history and nowadays spend time travelling around in a motor home.