Lloyds Banking Group at the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards 2023

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance is delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) for achieving the esteemed title of Best Large Employer at the 2023 Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards.

This noteworthy accomplishment stands as a resounding testament to Lloyds Banking Group’s unwavering dedication to fostering apprenticeships, seamlessly aligning with the overarching principles of our Group Strategy, which is dedicated to “Helping Britain Prosper.”

Lloyds Banking Group steadfastly upholds the belief that apprenticeships are a cornerstone accessible to all, irrespective of career stage, seniority, location, or working pattern. Over the past decade, the organisation has undergone a remarkable evolution, transitioning from offering apprenticeships exclusively to junior colleagues to implementing comprehensive programmes spanning the entirety of the Group. This commitment to enhancing the workforce and cultivating an exceptional workplace is vividly reflected in the diverse array of exceptional apprenticeship opportunities extended by Lloyds Banking Group.

Lloyds Banking Group Multicultural Awards Winner

“It is with great pleasure that I extend my sincere congratulations to Lloyds Banking Group for their outstanding achievement in being recognized as the Best Large Employer at the 2023 Multicultural Awards. This accolade is a testament to Lloyds Banking Group’s unwavering commitment to fostering apprenticeships and promoting inclusivity within the workforce.”

Jagdeep Soor, Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance

LBG Larger Employer of the Year

The spectrum of Lloyds Banking Group’s apprenticeship offerings caters to colleagues at various stages of their professional journey, whether they are newcomers to the organisation or individuals seeking to advance within their current roles. From contributing to the branch network to specialising in technical business domains or progressing through senior leadership echelons, Lloyds Banking Group’s apprenticeship initiatives provide robust support to a broad spectrum of colleagues. To further amplify the success of these programs, Lloyds Banking Group boasts a growing cadre of highly engaged apprentice ambassadors actively disseminating the apprenticeship ethos within the Group and throughout the broader community.

Once again, congratulations to Lloyds Banking Group for this well-deserved accolade, and we commend the organisation for its exemplary commitment to fostering diversity and excellence in apprenticeships.