Learner Success Story: Jennifer

“Throughout this course I have learnt quite a lot of understanding adults social care its not something I’ve seriously thought I see myself doing, but since doing this course I have plucked up the courage and confidence to progress further in the whole care sector.

I have a number of times wanted to give up and told myself that I can’t do this and I cant physically do this but, the push of my Tutor and other people on the course they have given me the confidence to carry on and progress through it. I’m very happy with the people on the course, my Tutor they have all been amazing and very supportive!

Now I am going to further my education and knowledge in the care sector. I do want to carry on and continue further training and hopefully, in the future ger into an adult care setting and go from there.”

We wish Jen all the success for the future and she is an inspiration to many – we are glad to have been part of your journey. Thank you for working with us.