Learner Success Story: Getting into Adult Social Care

How was your journey to your qualification?

For both of us it’s been really good before I started this course I personally suffered a lot with anxiety and, many times I’ve wanted to go home because of it but the sense of humour and everything that’s in the classroom, Caroline our Tutor making us so much at ease its been a really good experience. I think as well we all have things back at home and we all talk with each other and we have all become really close.

What was it like working with your Tutor?

Michelle: She’s just so bubbly and has made us all feel all comfortable. She’s also, very informative and she’s also helped with issues not just in the group itself but outside the group so she’s been quite an advocate really, she’s great!

What are your future plans after completing your course?

I think we’re both going to look into more training and more courses. For me (Michelle) I wanted to come on this course to get up to date training and qualifications because, I haven’t been in work in a number of years I was a staff nurse and I thought this can help me get back in to work. And also I’m going to start the Team Leading course which is great because, we can go in and learn within a flexible time frame which allows us to still take care of the children at home but still come in to complete our qualification.