Learner Information

Unlock your potential by becoming a learner with Pathway Group, a leading provider of Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Adult Education Budget Advanced Learner Loans and Commercial training.

You can earn while you learn with as an apprentice with one of our trusted employers or enhance your career prospects with our support through the whole process from applying for your chosen career path, right through to getting you fully qualified and passing your programme.

Our full trained team will assist you with CV writing skills, preparing for interview and provide you with all the necessary skills to set you off on your career journey.

Information, Advice & Guidance

It is our aim to deliver Information, Advice & Guidance to enquires and learners who are registered on, or considering registering for, a qualification(s) with Pathway Group.

Our team give information, advice & guidance on topics such as:

•Employment, education and training, including job information and courses
•Things that affect your choices for example, skills and experience, money and housing
•Personal issues such as, health, relationships and discrimination


Impartial information on employment, education and training opportunities, including job information and courses


Clear advice on things that affect your choices, for example; skills experience, money management and housing


Guidance on personal issues, such as; health, relationships and discrimination

Studying options with Pathway Group

Pathway Group Courses

  • Level 3 Diplomas