Kickstart Employability Training

Kickstart Scheme job placements should increase future chances of work, providing young people with work experience and real Kickstart employability skills.

How you will support young people to become more employable?

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As a requirement for the Kickstart Scheme, placements must be provided with Kickstart Employability Training, this requires you to outline:

  • What support will be offered (for example helping them with writing their CV and preparing for an interview)
  • When you will provide this support (for example halfway through their job placement or towards the end)
  • How many hours it will take
  • Who will provide the support (for example you may already have a pre-existing relationship with training providers)
  • How you will monitor this support
  • How the young person can provide feedback during their job placement and afterwards, and how this will be acted on
  • You get £1,500 funding per job placement for setup costs and support. If you someone else helps you do some of this, you’ll have to agree how you will share this money.

Kickstart Scheme job placements should increase future chances of work

You must show that you intend to support the young person on their Kickstart Scheme job placement so that they increase their chances of finding work once their six-month job placement has ended.

A Kickstart Scheme job placement should give the young person real workplace skills that will make a difference to their prospects of finding work in the future.

This can include training, the opportunity to try new tasks and build new skills, or helping them to improve their existing skills. In selecting Kickstart Scheme Grant Recipients, the government will carry out checks to ensure all of these criteria are met.

Pathway Group’s Kickstart Employability Training

As part of our optional support, Pathway Group has created an employer package that will offer Kickstart Scheme participants the opportunity to develop their skills, which will include:

  • Monthly 1:1 support and mentoring
  • Careers advise, information and guidance
  • Employability qualification including communication skills, mindset and motivation
  • General day to day work behaviours such as attendance, timekeeping, teamwork, etc
  • Job search and preparation, CV writing, interview preparation
  • Access to live online job skills workshops
  • An individual Personal Development Plan
  • LinkedIn Profile support, creation and Improvement
  • Access to our online resource which allows members to refresh skills gained from the online workshops and extend their learning. Subjects include workplace etiquette, careers advice, well being, personal safety, money management and much more

Careers Guidance Support

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