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As an approved Kickstart Gateway, we’re supporting business big or small, national or local to access and administer the scheme.

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What is a Kickstart Gateway?

As an approved Kickstart Gateway, we act on behalf of employers offering 29 or fewer vacancies by batching together applications and submitting them to the Department for Work and Pensions. As your Kickstart Gateway, Pathway Group can help you with your initial application and can offer further support in the training and development of your Kickstart worker.

  • Pathway Group has been approved by the Department for Work and Pensions as a Kickstart Gateway.
  • Partnering with Pathway Group does not guarantee that you will get Kickstart Scheme funding – you will also be subject to checks.

When choosing a Kickstart Gateway, you should consider the needs of your business, we’re open to conversations on how we can work together to delivery this initiative.

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