Kathryn Marshall Senior Manager of Apprenticeships – Lloyds Banking Group Part 1

Kathryn Marshall Canny Conversations Part 1
Welcome to this new episode the Canny Conversations Podcast with Safaraz Ali focusing on apprenticeships and talent development. This week we hear from Kathryn Marshall, senior manager of apprenticeships at Lloyds Banking Group, one of the UK’s largest financial services companies. In the first part of this two-part conversation, Safaraz and Kathryn explore how Lloyds delivers 30 different apprenticeship programs across customer service and specialist areas like finance and compliance, leadership development, and technology roles like software engineering. They also discuss how Lloyds is focusing on using apprenticeships for internal reskilling and helping existing staff pivot into new technology-focused careers. They also touch on the future of retail banking amidst industry changes, the skills modern professionals need, and why lifelong learning and staying relevant are so vital today. We will also hear about Kathryn’s own career journey, and what drove her towards talent development, and how views on workplace learning have shifted with advances in technology.