IEP’s End of Year Achievements

Approaching the conclusion of 2023, the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance reflects with great pride and enthusiasm on the remarkable achievements and significant milestones reached by our esteemed partner, the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP), over the past year. As an alliance committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the apprenticeship sector, we find immense satisfaction in witnessing the outstanding contributions made by the IEP in advancing the employability landscape.

International Growth and Developments

The IEP’s commitment to international growth aligns seamlessly with our shared vision for a diverse and inclusive apprenticeship sector. The expansion of the Fellowship community and the establishment of partnerships in countries such as Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Canada exemplify the IEP’s dedication to fostering collaboration on a global scale. As a Patron of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, the IEP’s efforts underscore our collective commitment to inclusivity and equality in apprenticeship opportunities.


Centre for Employability Excellence

The IEP’s strides in developing the Centre for Employability Excellence resonate deeply with our alliance’s core values. Collaborating with a diverse Advisory Board, the IEP is creating a global platform for research and good practice in employability. The commitment to excellence in the UK, coupled with international engagement, reflects a holistic approach to advancing employability standards globally. Through initiatives like IEP Sweden and IEP Australia, the IEP contributes significantly to building relationships and promoting best practices worldwide.

IEP Logo

“As we celebrate the achievements of the IEP, we extend our deepest appreciation to all members, partners, and supporters for their valuable contributions to this journey. Together with the IEP, we are making significant strides in empowering employability professionals and shaping a future that is diverse, inclusive, and promising.”

Jagdeep Soor, Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance

Establishing a Quality Improvement Framework

The development of a Quality Improvement Framework (QIF) by the IEP, in collaboration with organisations like the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, marks a pivotal step towards driving positive change in the employability sector. The QIF serves as a roadmap for systematic improvement, emphasising the importance of ongoing excellence. This initiative aligns seamlessly with our shared goal of fostering a culture of continuous improvement in the apprenticeship landscape.


IEP Learning

The IEP’s expansion of accredited learning programs aligns with our mission to promote inclusivity and diversity within the employability sector. The launch of programs such as the IEP Award in Mentoring for Employability and the IEP Award in AI for Employability demonstrates the IEP’s commitment to equipping practitioners with essential competencies. The IEP’s dedication to supporting more than 12,000 learners underscores its significant impact in cultivating a skilled and

“As we approach the close of 2023, I am filled with immense pride and joy reflecting on the IEP’s extraordinary international growth and the successful launch of initiatives like the Centre for Employability Excellence and the Quality Improvement Framework. These achievements, coupled with the Silver Award at the Association Excellence Awards 2023, underscore our commitment to shaping the future of employability professionals globally.”

Scott Parkin FIEP, CEO, IEP

IEP Basecamp

IEP Basecamp, supported by the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, stands out as a pioneering event in the employability sector. The emphasis on practical takeaways and professional development sets a new standard for empowering frontline practitioners. The IEP’s commitment to recognising achievements through the IEP Learning Awards aligns with our shared values of celebrating collective efforts and contributions within the employability community.


Recognition and Celebration

The recognition of the IEP Learning Academy with the Silver Award at the Association Excellence Awards 2023 is a testament to the alliance’s dedication to advancing learning tools and making a global impact. The IEP’s engagement with government agencies and its growing international presence further exemplify the relevance and reach of its learning initiatives on a global scale.