Running the Great North Run in support of Guide Dogs – Peter McCreery

Guide Dogs’ ambition is a future where every person with sight loss has the confidence and support they need to live their lives fully. Peter is committed to supporting Guide Dogs to make their ambition a reality.

The problems Guide Dogs are here to solve

Guide Dogs

Despite the devastation caused by sight loss, 70% of adults receive no support within the first 12 months of diagnosis, and are likely to encounter poor education, high unemployment, depression, loneliness and financial insecurity throughout their lifetime.

The rise in the UK’s elderly population continues to impact social care. With shortages in funding, local authorities have prioritised the services they provide, leaving the third sector under great pressure to plug gaps.

Childhood sight loss is on the increase. There are around 35,000 children and young people living with a vision impairment in the UK. Some 80% of a child’s learning takes place using vision, and every day they go without support can affect their development.

Yet we know that the public does not find our charitable cause as engaging as other causes; people fail to relate to the issue and consequently we need to work much harder to build emotional connections with the public.

“The majority of individuals with sight loss are likely to encounter high unemployment, depression, loneliness and financial insecurity throughout their lifetime.”

Peter McCreery

Peter McCreery

Head of Employability

“Running the great north run for Guide Dogs because I feel it’s an amazing cause”

  • Peter McCreery

Every day, 250 more people join the 2 million already living with sight loss.

This number is set to double by 2050, which is why our work is more important than ever before, however, we can only continue our life-changing work, such as our guide and buddy dog services, mobility training, education support, sighted guides and much more with your support.”

“Having a guide dog is a life-changing experience and I’m phenomenally grateful to Guide Dogs for enabling me to be more independent” – Priya, guide dog owner.


Guide Dogs

How your funds will change live…

  • £125 buys a Starter Kit for a new guide dog owner
  • £332 could provide eight weeks of Early Diagnosis Support to a child with sight loss and their family
  • £710 could buy a Birthing Kit containing all the essential equipment for a guide dog mum to safely deliver her puppies