Functional Skills English & Maths

Develop your knowledge and skills in maths or English. Whether you are looking to brush up on your maths skills or invest in furthering your reading and writing ability, study online around your work and family commitments, at a pace that suits you best.

These courses are for adults who want to become more confident in maths and English, to help them embark on a dedicated programme of learning or to enhance their career prospects.

  • Functional skills can provide confidence and skills to enrol onto Further Education or to support progress within current roles.

  • Improving these core skills can be the beginning of a journey to achieving long term personal, career or business goals.

  • Functional skills are the most practical skills you can develop to help you in life, study and work.

  • You’ll be supported with modules on reading, writing and basic communication as well as numbers, decimals, percentages, measures, shapes and data handling, you will get all the required insight to pass a Functional Skills  exam in either maths, English or both.

  • Functional Skills are widely accepted alternative qualification to GCSEs.

  • Our interactive learning offers you a tailored study plan that will cater for your needs.

  • Tutor support is available over the phone, or via email and it will help you overcome any challenges as well as help you progress with your studies.

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What are the benefits of studying Maths & English?

Maths and English pays better!

Majority of employers look for at least GCSE grade 4/C in subjects, so English and Maths skills could be the difference between getting the job or promotion you want or not.

Did you know?

People with good GCSE grades in English and Maths also earn approximately £2,000 more than those who don’t.

You’re more likely to get into University with Maths and English qualfications.

Majority of University courses look for at least 4/Cs in GCSE English and Maths as this shows you have a good understanding of the subjects.

Not getting a 4/C in these subjects might limit your chances of getting into university.

Maths and English help you communicate with people and understand more!

It’s impossible to go a day without using English and Maths skills, and a good level of understanding means that you can have more control over things like your finances, communication, and you can gain a better understanding of issues such as politics and current affairs.

Learning, is good for your health, especially now!

Studies show that higher levels of literacy and numeracy are linked to better health and a longer lifespan. These skills also have a positive impact on your mental health.

The levels of Functional Skills

There are three levels of functional skills, the entry-level functional skills qualification consists of Levels 1, 2 and 3. The content of each level builds on the content of the previous levels.

  • The entry-level functional skills provide students with essential skills for daily use.
  • Level 1 functional skills are equivalent to a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Grade E-D (2-3)
  • Level 2 is equal to GCSE Grade C-A (4-9).