End Point Assessment (EPA)

  • Each apprenticeship standard comprises an occupational standard and an assessment plan developed by a group of employers.
  • EPAOs use the assessment plan to develop their EPA, which measures the competence of apprentices.
  • All apprentices must take an independent EPA at the end of their training to confirm that they have achieved occupational competence.

End-Point Assessment (EPA)

End Point Assessment (EPA) is the final assessment for an apprentice to ensure that they can do the job they have been training for.

EPA is separate to any qualifications or other assessment that the apprentice may undertake during the on‑programme stage of the apprenticeship.

The EPA process can include a range of assessments:

  • Tests, Examinations

  • Professional discussions

  • Workplace observations

  • Portfolio of work

  • Assignments

  • Assessment of work output

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