Elevating Excellence with Kaplan’s new awards

In a world that thrives on diversity and values professional growth, the anticipation builds for the prestigious 2023 Kaplan Apprenticeship Awards. Proudly presented by a consortium of esteemed partners, including the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, this event promises to shine a spotlight on the accomplishments of apprentices and line managers across diverse sectors. One of the judges in this celebration stands Jagdeep Soor, an advocate for equity and inclusion, who brings a wealth of experience to the panel.

Embarking on a journey towards professional success is a courageous endeavour, filled with obstacles and triumphs. The 2023 Kaplan Apprenticeship Awards stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment exhibited by apprentices and mentors alike. This event offers a unique platform to honour both individual achievements and the organizations that foster growth and development.

The iconic Shard in London is poised to be the backdrop for this remarkable event, setting the stage for a splendid afternoon tea and a jubilant awards ceremony. Against the stunning panorama of the city, attendees will gather on December 12th, 2023, to revel in the success stories that have redefined professional milestones.


“The essence of these awards is rooted in the celebration of diversity and inclusivity”

With 11 distinct categories, each nominee finds a meaningful recognition, regardless of their field of expertise. Whether apprentices are immersed in the realms of accountancy and tax, banking and financial services, or data and technology, their contributions are equally valued.

Some of the categories are:

  • Accountancy and Tax
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Data and Technology
  • Apprenticeship Advocate Award
  • Personal Development Award
  • Mentoring and Support Award
  • Resilience Award
  • Citizenship Award
  • Line Manager Award

“The 2023 Kaplan Apprenticeship Awards are not just an event; they are a celebration of dedication, a salute to growth, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the realm of professional achievement”

As the window for nominations remains open until September 22, 2023, seize the chance to recognize those who’ve demonstrated exceptional dedication and growth. Join us in celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of apprentices and mentors who shape the landscape of professional excellence.

“Being a part of the judging panel for the inaugural Kaplan UK Apprenticeship Awards is a humbling experience that allows me to witness the incredible potential and talent of our future workforce. It’s a privilege to contribute to the recognition of these remarkable apprentices who are shaping industries and driving innovation. Together, we celebrate their dedication, passion, and the boundless opportunities that apprenticeships offer for both personal and professional growth. Kaplan UK are a leading organisation in their sector and their support of apprenticeships is an exemplar. Esteemed patrons of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance (powered by Pathway Group), they prioritise equity, diversity and inclusion within their organisation, apprentices and partner organisations.”

Jagdeep Soor, Head of Strategic Partnerships is delighted to be a member of the inaugural Kaplan UK Apprenticeship Awards 2023