COVID-19 Burslem Rap 2020

Burslem Centre - Outside
Burslem Centre - Outside

Now you might think corona is a drink but this time round is a virus on the brink, on the brink of what I hear you all say destroying the world every single day!

Now lock down began on the 20th march to all intent and purposes we thought it was a farce.

They said shut your doors and stay at home, but some people don’t listen so the virus has grown, its grown to the extent that people are dying leaving so many families heartbroken and crying.

Homeworking began and we were thinking yeah this is great but we are only at week 3 and already our heads ache. Supporting our learners progressing there quals delivering courses our working worlds, not on hold.

Now, COVID-19 I think you need to go because you are making the world feel so dam low, we need vaccines and blood tests to cure this outbreak to allow the country to recover and get us out of this state.

The Government is trying everything they can but people need to listen to the man at number 10.

Now Mr Boris Johnson “I believe that’s his name” he had to deal with Brexit and now this virus could be his end game.

He’s trying his best with support from his peers but the idiots who ignore him will end in up tears but to all off you key workers we stand to the attention we show you all love, honour, and affection.

We salute everyone for what they are doing the UK will come through and we will end up winning, winning, winning.

The first thing we’ll do is greet family and friends as the weeks apart have finally come to an end.

Then we can all celebrate and spread the cheer to all those involved that COVID-19 has disappeared.

We all work for a company pathways is the name and through the time of the virus we stepped up our game, we all worked together all branches became one having that passion and drive to serve everyone.

We are a team – we are a family with passion and dreams, just search for team pathway and you’ll see what we mean.

So only one thing to say and I hope you agree when this is all over it will be time to party!