Are You Failing Your Managers?

Managers are often the single most important factor in any organisation’s success. They can often make or break an organisation. A leader recognises that it is the middle that needs to be strong in any business and that is what holds it all together. Vision, strategy, and growth plans must be implemented, and it is the mangers who are the ones in charge of this. The whole world has changed rapidly, yet some core principles of management have been the same for the last few decades.

It is the managers that keep the wheels turning, they ensure that tasks are done on time and to a good standard. They may make mistakes but will learn from them and approach new challenges with consistency.

Managing a team has its various challenges – whether they are feeling the pressure to hit sales targets, working out new ways to help their team develop, or handling a situation that has arisen in the workplace. The mix of demands made on managers can be a huge source of pressure.

I have seen this pressure first-hand – and have seen many competent individuals crack under it. If the manager is not supported and equipped to handle this pressure, they will likely be destined to fail. So how can we as leaders ensure that our managers are more likely to succeed when the going gets tough?

The key is their team. A good manager needs a good team around them, but what does that mean? The first thing is how we define this – my go to definition of a team in our business is:

“We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we make each other better”.

There are several factors that come into play, including the knowledge, skills, and behaviours of each team member. Outside of this, the relationship with each other and the manager needs to be a strong one with respect, not necessarily friendliness or likeability at the core of it. When managers fail, it is usually because they don’t have the support of their team. On the other hand, when a team succeeds, so does their manager.

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Are You Failing Your Managers?