Acorns in the Black Country

We're helping Acorns to create a Black Country children’s hospice for the future! A parent never imagines their child will be diagnosed with a life limiting or life threatening condition. But when the unimaginable happens, Acorns steps in, helping families cope at every stage of their child’s life and beyond, wherever and whenever they need it.

Dedicated teams

Provide specialist palliative care for babies, children and young people, and support for their families.


Understand that family time is precious when a child’s life is limited, supporting families in any way we can to create lasting memories.

Tailored Care

Complex medical care, emergency and end of life care, short breaks and emotional and practical support. Every family is different.

On Wednesday, 27th of July, we hosted a charity brunch packed full of party games and challenges to raise money for Acorns Children Hospice.

“Over the last two months, the team have been researching local charities to find our nominated charity for July.

After looking into the great work, The Acorns Children Hospice have done over the years and the plans for their future, we felt it was a great cause to support.

As a business, each day, we aim to support the people from our local community as much as possible; this charity is there when families go through the worst times of their lives, helping young people with life-threatening illnesses.

Acorns Children Hospice is an important charity, one of those that is probably not thought of too often until they are needed. We want to raise as many funds as possible to make sure they can continue their great work and are around to support young people and their families in their hour of need for many years to come.”

Connor Butler, Deputy Delivery Manager

Charity Fundraising Brunch – Walsall

Now is the time to modernise the Black Country Hospice

Supporting the creation of a place where local children will get the specialist care they need for generations to come