Synergy Through Partnerships

Starting our life as a subcontractor, partnering with 35 organisations over 14 years, our focus was and still is developing collaborative and joint working opportunities and adding value.

Although we at times operate as a lead provider in our own right we have an engrained culture of collaborating and open networking and partnerships at all levels.

We have considerable experience delivering in partnership a wide range of end to end provision in the both the education and welfare to work sectors. This includes delivery of workforce provision, NEET and youth programmes as well as employment related activities that can be delivered under a range of models and agreements.

What we are looking for
  • We are open to opportunities in forming or becoming part of an apprenticeship supply chain, vendor management and/or participating in a managed service proposition.
  • The opportunity to be invited to tender and become a preferred supplier for apprenticeship recruitment and training as well as to deliver corporate and commercial programmes.
  • Joint venture or strategic alliance working to support Apprenticeship Levy Payers as an example this could include forming a one stop shop service for an employer.
How we work
  • We always seek opportunities for adding value and making a positive contribution to all our partnerships, programmes and projects.
  • We contribute via a strategic and operational approach to increasing diversity within a supply chain by supporting our stakeholders in a collaborative manner.
  • Wherever possible, we form partnership opportunities focusing on services where there is a high economic impact and added value.

In short always Win / Win. . . .

What our partners say?

"90.43% of the students are from minority ethnic backgrounds and 90% are students who live in areas of 'high deprivation"

"The delivery of numeracy and literacy within their integrated delivery is outstanding"

"Exceptional progression and destination outcomes delivered"

“effective stakeholder relationships and local labour market knowledge provide well developed solutions to support learners with progression to the next stage of their development in employment or further education”

If you would like more information about partnerships please contact Shaheed on the details below.