You are embarking on a programme to improve your skills or to find sustainable employment. The skills programme could be in the form of an NVQ, Apprenticeship, or a 2-3 week Sector Specific training course. All adults should be able to live free from fear or harm, and have their rights and choices respected. We are committed to looking after your safety and it is our responsibility to make sure you are kept safe during your time with us. Pathway Group have in place the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Policy to protect and vulnerable adult whilst in our care. We have an ongoing culture of vigilance and an open-door policy, with which we believe by working with our learners we can develop a stronger safeguarding environment in which everyone can work together.

Abuse is an action by another person that goes against someone’s human or civil rights. It can take many forms: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual, or Financial.

Examples include:

Hitting, slapping, pushing, or rough handling
Depriving someone of food, clothing or warmth
Sexual activity without consent
Misuse or theft of money, possessions or property
Shouting, swearing or using degrading language
Cyber bullying, by text, social networking sites, emails
Neglecting someone’s medical or physical needs
Abuse can happen anywhere: at home, in a residential or nursing home,
hospital, day centre, or in a public place. Some kinds of abuse are also a criminal offence.

If we are adivsed of, or are aware of any abuse then we will take appropriate action to ensure the safety and well being of all vulnerable adults. We have two nominated Safeguarding persons in place, listed below.

Pathway Group Safeguarding Contacts

Natalee Prior – email:
Emma Court – email:

Speak to your tutor or assessor
If the tutor is your abuser, speak to the lead nominated person for your centre

Suspected  Abuse

You can also contact us if you suspect abuse or have any concerns. We treat all conversations sensitively. Keeping people safe is everybody’s business. PATHWAY Group staff will never dismiss you or make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

You can talk to your tutor regarding any concerns you have or alternatively you can contact the nominated people directly. Whilst you are with us we would like you to:

Have Fun
Enjoy the Training

Pathway Group follow strict rules, regulations, and policies. We implement many preventative measures, including ensuring that all Pathway employees are CRB checked and that all references are thoroughly checked before any offer of employment is made. Pathway Group ensure that ‘E-Safety’ measures are in place, and only acceptable use of our ICT equipment is carried out. This prevents any cyber bullying, for example, posting nasty messages on social websites, emails are monitored, and text messages are not causing any concerns or issues with our learners.

Bullying and harrassment are not accepted in any manner. There is a code of professional conduct that all staff must adhere to. Included within are: not requesting/accepting friend requests on sites such as Facebook, not sharing personal phone numbers, not meeting vulnerable people outside of business hours, not having relationships with apprentices etc. We also have a whistle-blowing policy which allows anyone to raise an issue with a senior member of staff.

Any further questions about Safeguarding?